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Alina Caddemi received the degree in Electronic Engineering (honors) and the PH.D degree from the University of Palermo, Palermo, Italy, in 1982 and in 1987, respectively. From 1990 to 1998, she was with the Department of Electrical Engineering,  University of Palermo, as an assistant professor in the field of Microwave Electronics with a strong concern for the characterization and modeling of low-noise components and circuits.  In 1998 she joined the University of Messina, Messina, Italy, as an associate professor of Optoelectronics. Her current research interests are in the field of temperature-dependent linear and noise characterization techniques for solid-state devices, cryogenic measurements on HEMT's for radio-astronomy applications, noisy circuit modeling of bipolar and field-effect transistors, neural network modeling of devices, design and realization of hybrid low-noise circuits based on traditional and super-conductive materials, characterization and modeling of thin-film sensors. Next year (Autumn 2003) she will be the Scientific Coordinator of a Master Course in Microwave Systems and Technologies for Telecommunications. Activities of the MECSA Unit at the Microwave Measurement and Circuit Lab at the University of Messina (Prof. A. Caddemi, Ing. N. Donato):

Characterization of packaged and on wafer devices/circuits as a function of frequency, bias and temperature down to cryogenic levels. Noise figure, 1/f noise and phase noise measurements on devices and circuits

·        Development and implementation of device circuit modeling procedures based on: a) parameter optimization; b) direct extraction methods; c) neural network determination

·        Extraction of noisy models of FET’s, BJT’s and HBT’s

·        Development and implementation of neural networks for noise parameter extraction of microwave FET’s

·        Design of low-noise HMIC’s employing either conventional or super-conductive materials

Cooperation with:

Istituto di Radioastronomia CNR – Noto. Italy

Dipartimento di Fisica e Tecnologie Relative – Università di Palermo

Infineon Technologies AG – Monaco, DE

Ericsson Telecomunicazioni Italia SpA – Milano, Italy

Marconi Mobile – Catania/Genova, Italy

ST Microelectronics – Catania, Italy

Wireless and Microwave Lab – University of South Florida, USA

Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Nîs, Yugoslavia


Selected publications

·         A. Caddemi, G. Martines, M. Sannino, "HEMTs  for  low-noise microwaves:  CAD-oriented  modeling", IEEE Trans. on Microwave Theory Tech. , Vol. MTT-40, pp. 1441-1445, July 1992.                               

·         A. Caddemi, N. Donato, “Characterization techniques for temperature-dependent experimental analysis of microwave  transistors”,  to appear on IEEE Trans.  on Instr.  and  Measurement,  Vol. IM-52, Feb. 2003.